Jul 6, 2012

i'm a human bee-ing!

I used to hate bees. At my elementary school I got stung constantly - once on the palm of my hand. I accidentally put my hand down on a bee, so I guess I was asking for it. Anyway. Now the bees and I have made peace. I even rescue them out of the pool when I see them flailing around. I'm such a good person, I know.

I even did a spot of bee-keeping. The smallest of spots. But a spot nonetheless. I did not want any bees in my bee suit, but I do want designs of bees and bee-things on my suit suits. Suit suits are clothes or suits. Just FYI. Also FYI, for the future, I have a lot of 'I' that's just 'F' 'Y' so prepare yourselves.

So here are bees for putting on your person! I actually bought that dress online from ASOS, which is always terrifying to do but I like it a lot. It's a little more lavender in person, just FYI. I also have some different earrings from the the same company (Harbinger Co.) of the ones pictured above and I think they are just fan-flippin-tastic. They're super light because they're made from razor-cut bamboo.

Let's all be a friend to the bees, 'cause they need our help! And what better way to do it than through ice cream?

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