Jul 13, 2012

i want to go to there: water bodies!

Lake Retba, Senegal. Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico. Reed Flute Cave, China.

I like water when it's wacky. I've been to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland twice. Have yet to actually go in the lagoon yet, for reasons that shall remain mysterious. Anyways.

Apparently you can float in that pink lake due to it being super salty. I'm always afraid of super salty water because I imagine if I open my eyes while underwater they'll dehydrate and shrivel up into raisins.

The Mosquito Bay has little organisms in it that react when they're touched so it looks like it's glowing. So I'd finally get to feel like a real wizard.

And an underground lake both terrifies, as I'm scared of the underground and most enclosed spaces where I can't see the sun or moon. But it's just so pretty I'd take a chance on my claustrophobia. Maybe. Probably if I went all the way to stinkin' China just to see it.

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