Jul 11, 2012

3 things: camp scamp

So that top cabin is part of a hotel that's set up where an old summer camp used to be, and seems to operate like a summer camp would for the most part. But for grown-up type folk. I read about it while reading Martha Stewart Living when I was bored in a hardware store. And now I want to go to there. It's outside of Chicago though so I don't think I'll be getting there any time soon.

That lip gloss is delicious. I think they don't have it year-round or it might be discontinued but it smells exactly like s'mores taste and is wonderful. My other favorite Philosophy marshmallow product also seems to be discontinued or out of season, so I hope that changes round X-mas time.

And finally, I'm never getting a fun iPhone case, but I think this one is cute as buttons.

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