Mar 6, 2012

time for some pie chat

Pushing Daisies: The Complete First and Second Seasons, $47.49. The Lost Art of Pie Making Made Easy, $5.95. Norpro Ceramic Pie Bird, $3.71. 

So this weekend I went to a pie auction. I ate lots of pie. I did not get to try the pie I made because it was bought and immediately wrapped up to take home. What the hey. Everyone was all sharing pies and junk, except basically for that one. Now I'll never know. 

Anyway. I love pie. I love thinking about it, baking it, and eating it. I love watching shows based around pie. Pie was probably a big part of why I loved Pushing Daisies so much. I wish the Pie Hole was a real place - I mean, there apparently is a Pie Hole in LA but I haven't been there. I don't think it's shaped like a giant pie. Plus, their pies start at about $30 according to their website. Which sounds crazy. I do enjoy the tiny pies at Simplethings on 3rd street here in LA. They are really cute tiny pies, as any tiny pie would be. And they have medium pies. And big pies! Pies of all size! Their normal-sized pies are $20. Much more agreeable.

I mean can make an amazing pie at home for basically next to nothing and then you're house smells like pie for a long time, which is the best. I really want to try making a pie from this Lost Art of Pie Making book, but mostly just want the book since it says it includes pie insults. 

I need to know more pie insults. I think we all do.


Millie said...

Ohhh The Pie Hole ! Pushing daisies ! I miss it too...It's such a shame it was cancelled...:(
Nice blog anyway ! :)

Laura said...

Thanks! I don't understand why they had to cancel it. It was so good!