Mar 28, 2012

nice package

I like things and buying things. I also like not things and not buying things. But I will especially buy your things if you have nice packaging. Some of the things pictured above are from things not bought past and no longer can be bought, but I wish I had.

If I'm gonna throw out my big dough to buy a thing, I want it to be pretty. Or have a cat on it. All's I'm saying is, if I'm a gonna throw out big dough, that big dough best be going, at least a lil bit, to the packaging and design of the product being purchased.

I don't think it's asking for much for a thing I'm shelling out hard-won clams for to be lovely to look at, stunning to behold, and simply divine to the touch. Simply divine!


Gloria said...

I'm a toootal sucker for cute packaging. Those kitty blusher sticks are just adorable!

Urban Scarlet said...

totally agree - pretty packaging always wins me over!