Mar 1, 2012

lousy smarch weather

It's so cold. I want to frolic outside with exposed toes. But it ain't gonna happen. Because two of my toes go numb in cold weather. Dumb Smarch. It's making the dog do crazy things like going and standing in the closet for no reason! It's making me want to take those showers you never want to leave because it's so nice and warm! It's making me seriously considering buying a Forever Lazy!

I guess I do get to drink hot chocolate and sit in my bed and watch movies. And soon my legs will get so pale soon they will be translucent! And I will have finally achieved my dream of being bottom-invisible.

Okay, so it's not cold. I am cold. 

Wait. On the TV. Shannon Doherty went to online college and is doing a commercial for it? What is this world coming to?!

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