Feb 24, 2012

stamps not exactly for mailing

stamps, $5.95-6.95. colorbox ink pads, $5.95

Not only do I love mailing stamps. I also love rubber stamps. Possibly more if not just as much. When I was little I had tons of stamps and loved to stamp everything. Then I forgot about them and the joy of stamping. I then worked at a stationery store that reignited my love of stamping. I think my favorite part of work was when people would ask me about stamping. It's strange how lost people can be when it comes to rubber and ink. 

And did you know there's proper stamping technique? Because I totally didn't then I learned. You're supposed to ink the stamp by pressing the ink on top of the rubber. Not by mashing the rubbers stamp into the ink pad. Wacky! Absolutely wacky! Anyway.

I've had lots of fun making custom cards for people on birthdays or gift tags at birthdays/Xmas with stamps. And in the long run it's cheaper than having to buy cards all the time. And you get to make up your own wacky greeting card sayings.

I have some particular favorites featuring a gnome stamp...I'll go try and dig up a picture.


Kare said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE gnomes. I need that stamp! Where oh where can I get one??

Laura said...

Paper Source has a reeeallly cute gnome stamp. And adorable skiing gnome Xmas wrapping paper.

Jen said...

Ooh, yes please = post pics. Just found you via 'Shimmer Like Gold' then I saw a post on Stamps and my heart skipped a beat. ColorBox...yum. Stamping has changed my life. Am wondering now, why I never thought to work in a stationery shop... oh yeah - it would be just too overwhelming.

Laura said...

I am on the hunt for my stamp as I apparently never took a photo before deciding to misplace the stamp! Also, yeah, most of my $$ working went back into buying crafty things...oops