Feb 20, 2012

several cups of tea, please

I love tea. I love a-drinkin' it. I love a-pickin' it out at the market. I'd a-love to a-stack my books in it. If anyone wants to get me a furniture present I'd really like that book/stuff shelf. I went to a The Berkeley Hotel in London with my moms for tea a few years ago and it was so overpriced but so a-dorable! They decorate their cookies and junk as fashionable things from the current seasons. I don't remember if it tasted that great, but it was really nice to look at. I love going to tea - you get tiny sandwiches, tiny pastries, and normal human-sized scones. And also the tea obviously. 

I got someone this RoyalTea set as a present, so I can't attest to the flavor of the tea, but would it really matter? I mean, if you had fat old Queen E. soaking in your tea cup would you really care what she tasted like? I imagine the Queen, as a tea, would be kind of pepperminty gunpowder green tea concoction. Or maybe whatever an itchy sock tastes like...

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Jen said...

Oops, I just swore out loud. Not at the price of the thing, but at the sheer beauty of all that is teacups combined with bookshelves. Wow. Yep, tea is all about the ritual and the stuff that goes with it. Makes me smile.