Feb 21, 2012

never be a cyn

Working Girl is one of my favorite movies. It has taught me much over my many viewings of the thing. One thing it has taught me is that in life there are several kinds of people. Or maybe just two - you can be a Katharine or a Tess. Two and a half if we're going to count Cyn.

Katharine is kind of a big bossy turd, but she's a successful woman of the 80s! She is, after all, her. She gets to go on awesome ski trips and stay in hotels with rooms that have fireplaces so big you can stand in them. She gets to date Harrison Ford, even if he probably didn't liker her that much. She quotes Coco Chanel and is in inspiration to other ladies, even if she is eventually going to stab them in the back. She has a pretty unpleasant personality, but she doesn't even know it. So what's the problem? Overall, I wouldn't want to be her, but she's not exactly the worst person in the world.

Then there are the Tesses of the world. Nice, hardworking - with a brain for business and  bod for sin. What's she supposed to do? Tess is a pushover, but not such pushover she's going to let Kevin Spacey get in her goodie bag just for a job. She dates jerky, young and hairy Alec Baldwin who treats her like one treats their poo. And yet she has strength about which she doesn't even know! But she finds it. She makes it happen. She does. Tess makes it happen. When her boss is out sick Tess poses as a woman of a greater position of power and puts together an amazing business deal! She cuts her hair - so brave. She gets Harrison Ford to buy her a really nice briefcase. She crashes a wedding. She even eventually is revealed as a faker, but was so good at her job she gets a real job out of it! Tess is also not perfect, but I would probably totally be her. She does end up with Harrison Ford after all. And she even gets Cyn to guess where she is!

Then there's Cyn. Cyn is a dumb bum who never learns to cut her hair or do make up appropriately. She accidentally drugs her best friend. She encourages the same best friend to get back together with a guy who cheated on her. I do not want to be Cyn. Nobody does.


Gloria said...

Can you believe I've never seen this movie?? It's definitely going in my Netflix queue!

Laura said...

Bump it up to the top posthaste! It is a classic. With only one or two instances of gratuitous naked boob-ity.