Feb 22, 2012

the lipstick queen is king

I happened upon Poppy King's book in the library about a year ago because it was pretty. It's a gold book. What's better than a gold book? Maybe a book made of chocolate. But this is not a dream world where books made of chocolate exist - as far as I know.

Anyway, I checked the book out and discovered this wonderful Australian woman named Poppy King started her own lipstick company when she was 18 who went on to become a millionaire by following her great idea: making a matte lipstick. I'd seen her lipsticks before in Anthropologie and Lyell and always loved the packaging. I was glad to discover the story behind Lipstick Queen was just as delightful.

The book's subtitle is "Finding and Developing the Great Idea That Can Change Your Life" so it's kind of a guide to how you can do it like she did. I find this book enlightening and inspirational. Poppy did everything herself, using common sense. She asks the right questions, which are the simple and straightforward ones. And does the right things for her brand and herself, doing what she believes in. The book is broken up into lessons punctuated by her personal stories relating to each one. It's nice to read about a regular gal making a name for herself in the big wide world.

I highly recommend it if you want to feel like a powerful lady/person and/or want to be inspired to action!! Otherwise, it's a really shiny gold book that's nice to look at. And also I have her lipstick and it's great. And if you don't like the lipstick, just get it for the packaging.

I've been inspired not only to bring my creative ideas to action, but also to wear lipstick. Even though I still end up accidentally eating, drinking, or wiping it off at least I'm doing it. Yay!! Yay to eating lipstick! Woo woo!

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