Feb 17, 2012

I will watch terrible movies

I did not like school for the most part. But I love movies about school. These are about girls' schools, which happens to be the type of school I went to. Cracks was not a good movie, but it sure was pretty! If you don't like school movies, you might like this one because it has naked girls swimming. And crazy people. And old timey inhalers!

I have yet to see Tanner Hall but expect it to be even more terrible. But it has Rooney Mara and the drummer guy from That Thing You Do! in it, so I'm obviously on board. There are good movies about school I'll watch - like The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie for one. Or Rudy. Mean Girls.

But I just want y'all to know that if your movie is about school, even if it is godawful, I will most definitely be watching it.
This is a movie that has yet to come out - but based on the trailer I will probably see it. It's about a college. And I hear there's a dance number. 

So, yeah. You do the math. Because I can't. At my college I got a C- in Math Patterns in Nature. So, yeah.

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K. // Shimmer Like Gold said...

Rock on! These sorts of movies have a strange pull on me too. I think my fascination comes from the romanticized vision of private schools. Because I went to your standard public school... and that's just not as fancy. I want plaid and tartan and dorky pigtails with ribbons!