Feb 9, 2012

i love the library

Here are two of my favorite libraries that I've visited. I love libraries, bookstores, and any and all places book/reading related. I'm about to read The Big Sleep, as it takes place in my hometown and I'd eventually want to read Gore Vidal's empire series, as it's all about DC. Anyways, I want to visit lots more beautiful libraries all over the place, so if you've got a favorite let me know!

Marge: Next to Spring and Winter, Fall is my absolute favorite season.
       Just look at all this beautiful foilage.
 Lisa: It's not "foilage," mom, it's "foliage."  Foo-liage.
Marge: That's what I said, foilage.  It doesn't take a nucular scientist
       to pronounce foilage.
 Lisa: [growls]
Marge: I can honestly say that was the most fun I've ever had.  The
       mill, the history, all that gorgeous... foliage.
        [Lisa smiles]
       I can't excape Lisa, our little walking libary.

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