Aug 10, 2012

film on friday: The Philadelphia Story

I bought this for 9 bucks at Barnes and Noble! Woo hoo! It's one of my favorite movies. There's lots of drinking, getting shoved in the face, and Cary, Katharine, and Jimmy. 

There's also a child who isn't insufferable. This seems like it shouldn't surprise me, but I find most children in movies from this era are way to "Gee willikers!!" for my taste. This kid is great.

It's all super fantastic. A big takeaway from this movie? Rich people and drunk people of the olden days of yesteryear are superb. And if they happen to be one and the same, even better.

Aug 6, 2012

cover story: london olympics

The London '48 logos are so classy. The new London logo is like that big fat Kool-Aid dude busting through a door. I'm not saying I hate the new logo, but maybe Mr. Kool-Aid should of put on a tux. Or dress socks at least.

Jul 27, 2012

branding the presidents

I forget how but I found this site where Meg Jannott brands the presidents. I think it's really cool and love all the different little details each pres gets. I also think it's awesome because I always forget certain people were president. 

I think I'll brand myself. And stamp everything I touch. Or sticker it. Scratch 'n' sniff sticker it!

Jul 25, 2012

3 things: galaxy quest

I like outerspace things right now. Clearly you would wear sequins and have an iPhone in space with a case that looks like space.

In other news, I smashed my iPhone screen. That never would've happened if I'd been in zero-gravity space. Probably never.

Jul 23, 2012

cover story: from the earth to the moon

I am most liking the top center cover and the one to it's right. I've never actually read this book but now I might just!

Jul 20, 2012

shop stop: the hatch

I like things that look like they're meant for children and I love stationery, pens and all the etcetera that comes with them. Some might call me immature and materialistic. These people would probably be right.

Anyway. The Hach is basically like the store of my office supply dreams. It's like if a child ran an office. This is what would happen. And I like it.

Jul 18, 2012

3 things: candy is dandy

As long as we're on children's books this week, Roald Dahl is kind of the king. Or at least a little prince wearin' little bloomers and he's got a little dog who also has little bloomers on his little dog butt.

Roald does great adult stuff, too - like A.A. Milne. Maybe they met once upon a time. Who knows?!?!

Anyway. I'd be perfectly happy with any of the above stuff. I love stuff. Stuff stuff stuff.

Jul 16, 2012

cover story: the house at pooh corner

I've been a fan of Pooh and his corner for years. A.A. Milne really knows what's up when it comes to life. I like all these covers and would say the top left is my favorite. Pooh's so engrossed in his hunny he can't even bother to turn his face towards the camera. And by camera I mean E.H. Shepard's pen. Whatever.

I also really like his stuff for adult people, like 

"When having a smackerel of something with a friend, don't eat so much that you get stuck in the doorway trying to get out."

Winnie the Pooh

Jul 13, 2012

i want to go to there: water bodies!

Lake Retba, Senegal. Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico. Reed Flute Cave, China.

I like water when it's wacky. I've been to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland twice. Have yet to actually go in the lagoon yet, for reasons that shall remain mysterious. Anyways.

Apparently you can float in that pink lake due to it being super salty. I'm always afraid of super salty water because I imagine if I open my eyes while underwater they'll dehydrate and shrivel up into raisins.

The Mosquito Bay has little organisms in it that react when they're touched so it looks like it's glowing. So I'd finally get to feel like a real wizard.

And an underground lake both terrifies, as I'm scared of the underground and most enclosed spaces where I can't see the sun or moon. But it's just so pretty I'd take a chance on my claustrophobia. Maybe. Probably if I went all the way to stinkin' China just to see it.

Jul 11, 2012

3 things: camp scamp

So that top cabin is part of a hotel that's set up where an old summer camp used to be, and seems to operate like a summer camp would for the most part. But for grown-up type folk. I read about it while reading Martha Stewart Living when I was bored in a hardware store. And now I want to go to there. It's outside of Chicago though so I don't think I'll be getting there any time soon.

That lip gloss is delicious. I think they don't have it year-round or it might be discontinued but it smells exactly like s'mores taste and is wonderful. My other favorite Philosophy marshmallow product also seems to be discontinued or out of season, so I hope that changes round X-mas time.

And finally, I'm never getting a fun iPhone case, but I think this one is cute as buttons.

Jul 9, 2012

cover story: moonrise kingdom

In this column I'm going to feature different covers for various movies and books I like. I love movie trailers and movie posters when they're not hideous and I always like finding fun alternative posters. 

Most of these for Moonrise Kingdom were made as interactive posters for the internet, but I'd like them even if I weren't in a pretend computer world when I discovered them.

Jul 6, 2012

i'm a human bee-ing!

I used to hate bees. At my elementary school I got stung constantly - once on the palm of my hand. I accidentally put my hand down on a bee, so I guess I was asking for it. Anyway. Now the bees and I have made peace. I even rescue them out of the pool when I see them flailing around. I'm such a good person, I know.

I even did a spot of bee-keeping. The smallest of spots. But a spot nonetheless. I did not want any bees in my bee suit, but I do want designs of bees and bee-things on my suit suits. Suit suits are clothes or suits. Just FYI. Also FYI, for the future, I have a lot of 'I' that's just 'F' 'Y' so prepare yourselves.

So here are bees for putting on your person! I actually bought that dress online from ASOS, which is always terrifying to do but I like it a lot. It's a little more lavender in person, just FYI. I also have some different earrings from the the same company (Harbinger Co.) of the ones pictured above and I think they are just fan-flippin-tastic. They're super light because they're made from razor-cut bamboo.

Let's all be a friend to the bees, 'cause they need our help! And what better way to do it than through ice cream?

Jul 3, 2012

get animal hands or, i like animals in my jewelry

Sorry for the great absence from this space. I'm going to start it back up again! So stay tuned.

I would like a small and glittering bunch of forest creatures on my person. Who wouldn't?!? This group won't bite, poke, or give you rabies. I hope. I can't be sure.

Mar 28, 2012

nice package

I like things and buying things. I also like not things and not buying things. But I will especially buy your things if you have nice packaging. Some of the things pictured above are from things not bought past and no longer can be bought, but I wish I had.

If I'm gonna throw out my big dough to buy a thing, I want it to be pretty. Or have a cat on it. All's I'm saying is, if I'm a gonna throw out big dough, that big dough best be going, at least a lil bit, to the packaging and design of the product being purchased.

I don't think it's asking for much for a thing I'm shelling out hard-won clams for to be lovely to look at, stunning to behold, and simply divine to the touch. Simply divine!

Mar 21, 2012

arts/farts/crafts: triangular envelopes

I wanted to make a triangular envelope and so I did! You can hang them up, bunting style, or send them through the mail or any old thang.

Mar 19, 2012

work/eat SF

Things are about to get unpopular. Because I'm gonna say it: I hate San Francisco. I lived there for a few months and it's just not the place for me. I'll go into detail at a later date about exactly why I hate that city. But where there is hate, there is love. And one thing I loved was the food.

I happened to work in the Ferry Building, which was wonderful and more wonderful when it wasn't a weekend or a holiday when people jam-packed the place. There were delicious restaurants and snack places and ice creams and baked goods and markets - food galore! Out the wazoo. I especially loved the outpost of Miette. I also loved the Frog Hollow tasties and the Mexican place, which I can't remember the name of, but where I ate lunch constantly.

One day I bought the Miette cookbook, which had just come out. And I baked a cake out of it and it was DELICIOUS. Then a few days ago I baked the chocolate sables, which were delicious, but not at all looking-like they do in the book. And I had to add stuff to the recipe to make it work. But I probably did something wrong with their recipe, but my tweaks still resulted in DELICIOUSNESS.

So, I guess what I'm really trying to say, is that despite all the deliciousness, I still hate San Francisco. Why anyone would live there as opposed to New York boggles my mind. I can see sort of why they wouldn't want to live in the far superior city of Los Angeles - because they're plum dummies. But why on earth people I know who've lived in NY who say how they love SF even more just make my robot brain explode with confusion. But to each his or her own. And to my own, I say I LOVE FOOD!

Mar 15, 2012

sneak peek - arts 'n' farts 'n' crafts!

Working on a craft video. Wait and see what happens to the paper! To the glitter! To the SHAPES!

Stay tuned.

Mar 14, 2012

rabbits get it right

Sometime I wish I were a rabbit. They get to eat carrots, live in pretty gardens, and wear blue cardigans. Just look at Peter Rabbit. Or Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh. Sure, Pooh Rabbit was a bit uptight, but I think you'd have to be to maintain a stellar garden patch. Also, if I were a rabbit I'd need to peel my carrots before eating them.

And possibly bake them into cakes. With no raisins. Because raisins in cakes are disgusting. There. I said it.

Mar 13, 2012

look at these books and eat some stones

I've been cleaning up and out some old things lately and came across some of these books. These are not books to go out. These are books to keep forever. Because the stories are awesome! And the illustrations are classic. CLASSIC!

I always wanted to eat stone soup. And make magic spaghetti. And get my dog so dirty we wouldn't recognize him. I guess a gal can dream.

Mar 8, 2012

their mother is a boat

Large birds generally scare me in person. It all stems from an incident in which I was chased by a bunch of ducks. I hated ducks for a long time. Now I love ducks. Swans are still scary, but less so when they're just necklaces.

Also, baby swans are adorable and use their mother as a boat.

Mar 7, 2012

when i grow up can i be amy poehler

Amy Poehler is super cool. She kisses cardboard cut-outs, she wears lots of pink in movies, and gets to have fun almost always. Last night I saw her talk in person. And it was super cool.

When I grow up I want to be just like her. Only me. And I might also add she hasn't yet done a dumb hair commercial like the poor, confused Tina Fey. She did those GAP ads, but whatever. She was having fun. With her husband.
Like ALWAYS! I bet if she did a hair commercial it would be sassy and blonde. Not all boring and grandfather's shoe-y. Yeah, shoe-y. I said it.

Mar 6, 2012

time for some pie chat

Pushing Daisies: The Complete First and Second Seasons, $47.49. The Lost Art of Pie Making Made Easy, $5.95. Norpro Ceramic Pie Bird, $3.71. 

So this weekend I went to a pie auction. I ate lots of pie. I did not get to try the pie I made because it was bought and immediately wrapped up to take home. What the hey. Everyone was all sharing pies and junk, except basically for that one. Now I'll never know. 

Anyway. I love pie. I love thinking about it, baking it, and eating it. I love watching shows based around pie. Pie was probably a big part of why I loved Pushing Daisies so much. I wish the Pie Hole was a real place - I mean, there apparently is a Pie Hole in LA but I haven't been there. I don't think it's shaped like a giant pie. Plus, their pies start at about $30 according to their website. Which sounds crazy. I do enjoy the tiny pies at Simplethings on 3rd street here in LA. They are really cute tiny pies, as any tiny pie would be. And they have medium pies. And big pies! Pies of all size! Their normal-sized pies are $20. Much more agreeable.

I mean can make an amazing pie at home for basically next to nothing and then you're house smells like pie for a long time, which is the best. I really want to try making a pie from this Lost Art of Pie Making book, but mostly just want the book since it says it includes pie insults. 

I need to know more pie insults. I think we all do.

Mar 1, 2012

lousy smarch weather

It's so cold. I want to frolic outside with exposed toes. But it ain't gonna happen. Because two of my toes go numb in cold weather. Dumb Smarch. It's making the dog do crazy things like going and standing in the closet for no reason! It's making me want to take those showers you never want to leave because it's so nice and warm! It's making me seriously considering buying a Forever Lazy!

I guess I do get to drink hot chocolate and sit in my bed and watch movies. And soon my legs will get so pale soon they will be translucent! And I will have finally achieved my dream of being bottom-invisible.

Okay, so it's not cold. I am cold. 

Wait. On the TV. Shannon Doherty went to online college and is doing a commercial for it? What is this world coming to?!

Feb 29, 2012

happiness vending machines

I read that Sprinkles right here in lil ole Beverly Hills is getting an ACM - that being an Automatic Cupacke Machine that would work at all hours of the day or night. 
They're not my favorite cupcake in the world, but an anytime cupcake kind of probably would be.

But I do I love vending machines. I really really do. I even kind of like the gross ones that had sandwiches and apples in them, though I'd probably never get a sandwich or apple from such a machine. I just like that there's a machine that holds old sandwiches and mealy apples. Call me crazy, if you must, but I just call me weird.

I wish this sort of vending machine would find it's way to me:

Feb 28, 2012

oscar fashion round up

Sometimes when I see people in clothes, I think they look more like things than people. I thought Berenice looked like a minty celery stalk, Rooney like she had two coffee filters stuck to her boobs, Tina just like the feather duster in Beauty and the Beast, and Gwyneth looked like a superhero column.

That's not to say I don't like their dresses. I don't mind Rooney's and Gwyneth's. They just happen to look like coffee filters and columns, respectively. I wish more columns had capes. Then there'd be more columns with super powers. And I'd be like, "Wow. Now I get columns. I get what they're about and that's cool."

Feb 27, 2012

keira dancing and wearing big ole stuff

So I saw stills of Keira Knightley as Anna Karenina and not having read the book yet, I can tell it's a rip-roaring good time filled with wearing giant hats and cha-cha dancing. Hopefully there's a makeover!! I'm sure nobody dies. I mean, it's a Russian novel! That'd never happen. NEVER!

Anyway. These photos got me thinking of how much Keira likes sticking stuff in her hair and dancing. Check it out.

What will she stick on her head next?! With whom will she dance her next number?! Hopefully, it'll be Uggie.

Feb 24, 2012

stamps not exactly for mailing

stamps, $5.95-6.95. colorbox ink pads, $5.95

Not only do I love mailing stamps. I also love rubber stamps. Possibly more if not just as much. When I was little I had tons of stamps and loved to stamp everything. Then I forgot about them and the joy of stamping. I then worked at a stationery store that reignited my love of stamping. I think my favorite part of work was when people would ask me about stamping. It's strange how lost people can be when it comes to rubber and ink. 

And did you know there's proper stamping technique? Because I totally didn't then I learned. You're supposed to ink the stamp by pressing the ink on top of the rubber. Not by mashing the rubbers stamp into the ink pad. Wacky! Absolutely wacky! Anyway.

I've had lots of fun making custom cards for people on birthdays or gift tags at birthdays/Xmas with stamps. And in the long run it's cheaper than having to buy cards all the time. And you get to make up your own wacky greeting card sayings.

I have some particular favorites featuring a gnome stamp...I'll go try and dig up a picture.

Feb 23, 2012

stamps and mail and junk but not junk mail

all available via

I need a pen pal. Or just need to start getting stamps. And sticking them to the fake letters I want to send to my pen pal. And I'd stick the letters in equally colorful envelopes. Because what's the point of having a fun stamp stuck to a dumb boring envelope? No point!
envelopes, $4.25 for 10

These stamps and envelopes make me feel like I'm a Leprechaun. I dunno why. That's just the way it is.

Feb 22, 2012

the lipstick queen is king

I happened upon Poppy King's book in the library about a year ago because it was pretty. It's a gold book. What's better than a gold book? Maybe a book made of chocolate. But this is not a dream world where books made of chocolate exist - as far as I know.

Anyway, I checked the book out and discovered this wonderful Australian woman named Poppy King started her own lipstick company when she was 18 who went on to become a millionaire by following her great idea: making a matte lipstick. I'd seen her lipsticks before in Anthropologie and Lyell and always loved the packaging. I was glad to discover the story behind Lipstick Queen was just as delightful.

The book's subtitle is "Finding and Developing the Great Idea That Can Change Your Life" so it's kind of a guide to how you can do it like she did. I find this book enlightening and inspirational. Poppy did everything herself, using common sense. She asks the right questions, which are the simple and straightforward ones. And does the right things for her brand and herself, doing what she believes in. The book is broken up into lessons punctuated by her personal stories relating to each one. It's nice to read about a regular gal making a name for herself in the big wide world.

I highly recommend it if you want to feel like a powerful lady/person and/or want to be inspired to action!! Otherwise, it's a really shiny gold book that's nice to look at. And also I have her lipstick and it's great. And if you don't like the lipstick, just get it for the packaging.

I've been inspired not only to bring my creative ideas to action, but also to wear lipstick. Even though I still end up accidentally eating, drinking, or wiping it off at least I'm doing it. Yay!! Yay to eating lipstick! Woo woo!

Feb 21, 2012

never be a cyn

Working Girl is one of my favorite movies. It has taught me much over my many viewings of the thing. One thing it has taught me is that in life there are several kinds of people. Or maybe just two - you can be a Katharine or a Tess. Two and a half if we're going to count Cyn.

Katharine is kind of a big bossy turd, but she's a successful woman of the 80s! She is, after all, her. She gets to go on awesome ski trips and stay in hotels with rooms that have fireplaces so big you can stand in them. She gets to date Harrison Ford, even if he probably didn't liker her that much. She quotes Coco Chanel and is in inspiration to other ladies, even if she is eventually going to stab them in the back. She has a pretty unpleasant personality, but she doesn't even know it. So what's the problem? Overall, I wouldn't want to be her, but she's not exactly the worst person in the world.

Then there are the Tesses of the world. Nice, hardworking - with a brain for business and  bod for sin. What's she supposed to do? Tess is a pushover, but not such pushover she's going to let Kevin Spacey get in her goodie bag just for a job. She dates jerky, young and hairy Alec Baldwin who treats her like one treats their poo. And yet she has strength about which she doesn't even know! But she finds it. She makes it happen. She does. Tess makes it happen. When her boss is out sick Tess poses as a woman of a greater position of power and puts together an amazing business deal! She cuts her hair - so brave. She gets Harrison Ford to buy her a really nice briefcase. She crashes a wedding. She even eventually is revealed as a faker, but was so good at her job she gets a real job out of it! Tess is also not perfect, but I would probably totally be her. She does end up with Harrison Ford after all. And she even gets Cyn to guess where she is!

Then there's Cyn. Cyn is a dumb bum who never learns to cut her hair or do make up appropriately. She accidentally drugs her best friend. She encourages the same best friend to get back together with a guy who cheated on her. I do not want to be Cyn. Nobody does.

Feb 20, 2012

several cups of tea, please

I love tea. I love a-drinkin' it. I love a-pickin' it out at the market. I'd a-love to a-stack my books in it. If anyone wants to get me a furniture present I'd really like that book/stuff shelf. I went to a The Berkeley Hotel in London with my moms for tea a few years ago and it was so overpriced but so a-dorable! They decorate their cookies and junk as fashionable things from the current seasons. I don't remember if it tasted that great, but it was really nice to look at. I love going to tea - you get tiny sandwiches, tiny pastries, and normal human-sized scones. And also the tea obviously. 

I got someone this RoyalTea set as a present, so I can't attest to the flavor of the tea, but would it really matter? I mean, if you had fat old Queen E. soaking in your tea cup would you really care what she tasted like? I imagine the Queen, as a tea, would be kind of pepperminty gunpowder green tea concoction. Or maybe whatever an itchy sock tastes like...

Feb 17, 2012

I will watch terrible movies

I did not like school for the most part. But I love movies about school. These are about girls' schools, which happens to be the type of school I went to. Cracks was not a good movie, but it sure was pretty! If you don't like school movies, you might like this one because it has naked girls swimming. And crazy people. And old timey inhalers!

I have yet to see Tanner Hall but expect it to be even more terrible. But it has Rooney Mara and the drummer guy from That Thing You Do! in it, so I'm obviously on board. There are good movies about school I'll watch - like The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie for one. Or Rudy. Mean Girls.

But I just want y'all to know that if your movie is about school, even if it is godawful, I will most definitely be watching it.
This is a movie that has yet to come out - but based on the trailer I will probably see it. It's about a college. And I hear there's a dance number. 

So, yeah. You do the math. Because I can't. At my college I got a C- in Math Patterns in Nature. So, yeah.

Feb 16, 2012

sneaking and peaking

A photo sneak peak of what my Hello Giggles column is going to be about this week. Hearts aren't just for Valentine's Day, after all...

Feb 15, 2012

everywhere bears

I love a lot of bears: Winnie the Pooh, Teddy Ruxpin, and Paddington to name a few. What better way to be happy then to surround oneself with bears!? Not real bears. Those are scary. Think about it: the crazy man-killing bear in The Edge or those bears who killed that crazy guy in Grizzly Man. I think one of those things was more the man's fault then the bears, but either way real bears are scary. Other than Panda Bear I saw at the San Diego Zoo. Because he or she was just adorable.

Feb 13, 2012

edward gorey doodle call!

I love Edward Gorey and who doesn't?? Who doesn't like a man who went to the ballet and wore floor length fur coats and loved cats? And just look what he did to his mail. Getting mail and packages is already one of my favorite things in the world and if someone cutely doodled the outside of the envelope I think I might just die. If you're about to mail someone something, take a minute and doodle the outside of it. It'll brighten your day, the mailman's, and your mail receiver's!

buddy the elf inspires me

inside out heart tea cups & saucers, $49.99 via frankie, tea to my heart tea infuser, 11.95, frankie magazine sweet treats cookbook, $19.95AUD

"I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it!" - Buddy the Elf
In preparation for Valentine's day, you should know I want this stuff.