Aug 10, 2012

film on friday: The Philadelphia Story

I bought this for 9 bucks at Barnes and Noble! Woo hoo! It's one of my favorite movies. There's lots of drinking, getting shoved in the face, and Cary, Katharine, and Jimmy. 

There's also a child who isn't insufferable. This seems like it shouldn't surprise me, but I find most children in movies from this era are way to "Gee willikers!!" for my taste. This kid is great.

It's all super fantastic. A big takeaway from this movie? Rich people and drunk people of the olden days of yesteryear are superb. And if they happen to be one and the same, even better.

Aug 6, 2012

cover story: london olympics

The London '48 logos are so classy. The new London logo is like that big fat Kool-Aid dude busting through a door. I'm not saying I hate the new logo, but maybe Mr. Kool-Aid should of put on a tux. Or dress socks at least.

Jul 27, 2012

branding the presidents

I forget how but I found this site where Meg Jannott brands the presidents. I think it's really cool and love all the different little details each pres gets. I also think it's awesome because I always forget certain people were president. 

I think I'll brand myself. And stamp everything I touch. Or sticker it. Scratch 'n' sniff sticker it!

Jul 25, 2012

3 things: galaxy quest

I like outerspace things right now. Clearly you would wear sequins and have an iPhone in space with a case that looks like space.

In other news, I smashed my iPhone screen. That never would've happened if I'd been in zero-gravity space. Probably never.

Jul 23, 2012

cover story: from the earth to the moon

I am most liking the top center cover and the one to it's right. I've never actually read this book but now I might just!

Jul 20, 2012

shop stop: the hatch

I like things that look like they're meant for children and I love stationery, pens and all the etcetera that comes with them. Some might call me immature and materialistic. These people would probably be right.

Anyway. The Hach is basically like the store of my office supply dreams. It's like if a child ran an office. This is what would happen. And I like it.

Jul 18, 2012

3 things: candy is dandy

As long as we're on children's books this week, Roald Dahl is kind of the king. Or at least a little prince wearin' little bloomers and he's got a little dog who also has little bloomers on his little dog butt.

Roald does great adult stuff, too - like A.A. Milne. Maybe they met once upon a time. Who knows?!?!

Anyway. I'd be perfectly happy with any of the above stuff. I love stuff. Stuff stuff stuff.